About Us

The real estate market was and is a great way to invest for retirement so I bought my 1st rental property in 2003. I figured I own my own home and worked in a law firm previously, accounting was my thing and I presently worked in lending for over 20 years so I knew how to take a thorough application and was familiar with the court system, I could be a landlord.

I ready for my 1st tenant and happy knowing the rent money was going to offset the loan payment. Then it happened, the tenant was late so I called him to find he lost his job and was looking for another, ouch! He did get a job quickly thank heavens and all was well again, maybe with a grey hair or two added though. A few months later a repair call came in he smelled gas he called Consumers Energy and they tagged the furnace and water heater. Oh boy, I was not ready for that and had to make many calls to find a contractor. It was fixed and away we went of course not happy about the expense but I was a landlord so I had to expect that.

I learned so much and wondered how many other landlords go through the stress of dealing with tenants when they have a full time job and so much going on in their lives how could they handle the day to day duties of a landlord. It is far more than collecting rent I am here to tell you.

I found managing rental properties for investors is a great fit for me and after 7 years this has been the best business I could be doing and every day is new and I love it.

Lois J. Whitaker

3 Biggest Mistakes You Could Make Choosing the Wrong Property Management Company

Are you feeling like this?
“I picked the wrong management company and I don’t know how to find the right one. I don’t know what makes anyone different from the other.”

We’ve Asked Investors “What’s Your Experience?”
They’ve told us…

. . . When a tenant or landlord calls, no one answers the phones; no one returns messages, overall poor communication.
. . . Properties are filled with unscreened tenants that don’t pay timely. Many complain that the legal costs hurt their bottom line.
. . . When the tenant moves they discover the property destroyed costing thousands due to the lack of inspections.

It’s NOT a Numbers Game
My name is Lois Whitaker, President of All American Management & Realty, LLC and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s why:
The typical the property management mindset is to get as many properties under management as they can. They act as-­if it’s a numbers game.

Maybe it is for some. However, it's our belief that the focus should be on the investor’s real estate and preserving their bottom line. So........

How Do You Find a Property Management Company That Actually Cares as Much About Your Investment as You Do?

We’ve discovered there are a minimum of 3 questions every investor should ask before they make a decision to hire the right company.

  1. Is there a system in place to properly screen for good tenants?
  2. What is the frequency of inspections? Should it cost you?
  3. Is there a process for hiring licensed contractors to control costs while ensuring quality work?

Will This Guarantee Your Investment is Secure?
NO. There is so much more to protecting your assets and I invite you to contact our office to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Let’s find out if we are a good fit for your investments and way of doing business.

During our meeting we will discuss:

  • Your investment goals
  • Present challenges, and then if it makes sense…
  • Chart a clear path for your investment success


P.S. We want to get to know your property. Let’s schedule a day and time at your property.